Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March Heart Art Class and Projects

Since we are now at our new location in Oklahoma
I will be offering the Hello Lovely kit classes again.
I will be inviting local people to my home to make a card and see what I do.
If you are long distance, I would ask that you look in February's post about 
the Heart Art Classes to see how you can participate with this stunning kit.
Especially take note that I can send everything to you for making the nine cards for $20. 
Local people to our new OK address will pay $15 to create the nine cards shown below.
Email me at so we can make these arrangements.
If you would like different sentiments stamped, I can surely do that.  When you send me an email at the above address, I will give you my phone number so we can talk about it!
Thank you!  And on to creating your very own Heart Art!
With Heart, Pam

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

February 2017 Heart Art Projects--Hello Lovely

 I am excited to share my Heart Art projects for February using the Hello Lovely Workshop Your Way kit G1119.  This kit, at a price of $26.95 in my shopping cart, will give you materials to make three layouts and nine cards.  As an extra service I have added a fourth layout.  You need to supply two sheets of White Daisy cardstock to complete that fourth layout.  I will send the modified cutting guide to you by email and the extra stamped pieces can come by mail for $3.  Read further for information if you would like to just make the cards.

If you order the Hello Lovely kit G1119, you will be cutting the papers to make these nine cards.  You will supply the card bases and envelopes.  If you want the stamped pieces I can send them through the mail for $3 that I can put on your credit or debit card. 
If you just want just the cards, a project I will call Cardmaker Supreme,  you can purchase a card kit for $20 which will have the papers, ribbon, glitter gems, stamped pieces, card bases and envelopes for the nine cards mailed to you!  
I am needing to do extra service by mail now since we are moving nearly 1000 miles away next week.  I hope to get my business up and running soon there for classes where I meet with people but am continuing this mail service to include those I have enjoyed serving here in Colorado.  Please email me at my new address,
if you have questions or want to order the extra stamped pieces for the kit, or the Cardmaker Supreme kit.  

With Heart,

Sunday, January 1, 2017

January 2017 Heart Art offerings

Some wonderful projects are prepared for you to start the new year.  "Sugar Rush" will be the Workshop Your Way Kit used this month.  Another exciting thing is that January means we have a new Seasonal Expressions Idea Book packed with all kinds of fun things.  January will be my last month in Colorado as things are clicking right along for us to move to Oklahoma.  The good news is that I will still be able to offer service and special projects to you monthly with you receiving extra pieces from me by mail when you order with me.  So now for JANUARY:...

 To Celebrate National Papercrafting Month, Close To My Heart is offering a kit to create this wreath.  It is stunning in 3-D!  I chose a scripture reference but you may use the provided gold foil letters to personalize your wreath any way your heart desire.  The wreath form is a 12" circle for a bold statement.  You may purchase the kit outright for $18.95 or get it FREE with a $60 order! 
All from the Sugar Rush Workshop Your Way kit will be four layouts and nine cards.  The first three layouts will be created from the instructions you can print or save when you purchase the kit.  You will need two pieces of White Daisy cardstock as bases for the fourth set of pages.  I will send you the extra pieces of Pomegranate you need if you cannot make it to my class.   

 Materials for the nine cards also come in the kit.  You will need extra card bases. I can do the stamping and send the pieces to you for the cards if you cannot make the class.
The Stamp of the Month cards shown below will be something
you can make at class.  If you order the Stamp of the Month from a distance away, I will be happy to show you how to do the ombre effect in a link to a video I intend to make.  So much fun!
January Schedule
I am only scheduling things for the first half of January.  Please contact me if you want to meet in person and cannot make a scheduled date.  
Monday, January 9th  Heart Art Class at my home in Parachute, 6:30 PM for the Stamp of the Month cards.  Free with a $15 minimum order.  Call to reserve your place please.  285-9230
Tuesday, January 10th, Sugar Rush kit class.  Must let me know by January 2nd if you wish to attend.  Cost is $30 and I can supply the card bases for $3 extra. 
Thursday, January 12th.  Clifton class at a different location.  Contact me for details.  It can be for either the Stamp of the Month cards or the Sugar Rush kit.  Must let me know by January 2nd of you want to come for the Sugar Rush kit.
January 14th and 15th--Annual Heart Artist retreat in Grand Junction.  If you join my team after January 1 you are eligible to attend this great time together, too.  Ask for details.  I would love for you to experience the joy that I do in Close To My Heart.

With Heart, Pam  

Friday, December 2, 2016

December Heart Art Classes

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
You can be prepared for sure to preserve your Christmas memories if you make the projects 
in the 
City Sidewalks Workshop Your Way Kit
G1114  $26.95 in my shopping cart here.
Print out the instructions for the three layouts
and the nine cards when you order.
PLUS I will send you the pieces for the fourth layout
(minus the two white bases)
a special "Thank You for supporting my business"
creation sure to please.
Email me at to see a picture
of that special gift when you purchase.
Note:  I am establishing a new way of doing business so I can continue giving you extra special service even after we move
which I hope will be soon!
Here are the things you can make with this kit.  No stamping!

This is the fourth exclusive layout you will get when you shop with me!    
 With Heart,

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November Heart Art Classes and Schedule

Oh Deer for November
My Heart Art Class for November uses the 
Oh Deer Workshop Your Way Kit G1116
Bonus with me!  I have added a fourth
2-page layout you will make 
PLUS  the eight cards are made without any stamping.  
Here is what you will make:

If you come to my Heart Art Class I will have the pieces cut
and ready for you to assemble with only needing your adhesive.
The Class is $30 for 4-2 page layouts and eight cards.
If you need the card bases and envelopes, it will be $3 extra.
Heart Art Schedule for November
Due to the fact that we may have to leave suddenly when our home sells, you need to contact me if you want to come to class.   or 970-285-9230
Thursday, November 3 6:30 PM at my home in Parachute.  I have two kits left for this session.
Thursday, November 10  Clifton group at a different location.  Contact me for more information.  5:00 PM
Saturday, November 12  Downline Day in Grand Junction.  Begins at 9:00 AM.
I will add more dates if I can.  It is important to let me know if you want to order this kit with me!

With Heart,

Monday, October 3, 2016

October Heart Art Classes

Welcome to October!!!
We are celebrating this wonderfully colorful time of year
with the SWAN LAKE paper kit.
Using the Swan Lake Workshop your Way, you can
create four two page layouts and eight cards (2 of each) shown above.  You provide the card bases and envelopes.  
That is a great deal for only $26.95!  
The order # is G1112 
Should you wish to make the Stamp of the Month cards,
the "cost" is a $15 order and you make these cards FREE
There are some fun Christmas season ideas using 
Yuletide Joy.  
October Heart Art Schedule
Saturday October 8th--Downline Day in Grand Junction
Thursday October 13th--Clifton Heart Art Class at a different location.  Please contact me for information.  Begins at 5:00 PM
Monday October 17th  6:30 PM Heart Art Class in my home in Parachute --either the Swan Lake Workshop Your Way or the Stamp of the Month cards.  Order kit by October 9th. 
Friday October 21st - Sunday October 23rd  Scrap and Stamp With Heart in Grand Junction.  $40 by October 14th if you wish to attend.  Contact me for more details. 
I may be changing times for classes if we sell our home and need to leave for our new location.  I will post here if that is the case.  
With Heart, Pam 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

National Stamping Day Celebration--Our Create Kindness Kit

Close To My Heart 
has done it again with this wonderful kit 
designed so you can spread a little kindness. 
Get everything you see here for $46.95 by going to the
little shopping cart at the top of my blog during the month of September only..  Add a new Shimmer brush Z3293 for $4.95 or the twine (see below)  and you will qualify for the 
terrific Stamp of the Month for only $5!
Here is what I did with this kit:

 Yes, I did use our wonderful Shin Han markers to color the images but here are other special touches I put on:
As is so easy to do with our My Acrylix stamps, I cut apart the word and the flower on four of the stamps in the kit.  I stamped the flower bunch on the envelope flap and on the circles included.  I colored in the images and then on the circle, I made holes around a smaller circle with my pokey tool and connected the holes with a journaling pen to make "faux stitching."  For the color coordinated knot, I simply colored the Whisper Thick Twine Z3093, $3.95 with a Shin Han Marker I had used to color and VOILA!!!! a matching embellishment! 
I stamped the four saying stamps on the outside of the envelopes and colored in the one word with our watercolor pencils, no water.  (The markers will bleed through.)  If you order your Create Kindness kit from me, I will send you a little package with some extras so you can jazz up your cards too!  
September 17th, Saturday is National Stamping Day.  I hope you will find some extra time to make something to bless someone else.  Gives you a good feeling all the way down to your toes, 
ya know?

Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Heart Art Classes and Schedule

Jeepers Creepers for Scrapbookers 
Make the Four sets of pages with the Jeepers Creepers
Workshop Your Way kit this month.

 The third set of pages has words I added "not so" if you want them.  I also will be supplying a good amount of White Daisy cardstock for photo mounts that are not in the kit.  Cost is $30 if you get it from me or you can order G1110 through my online business address at the shopping cart above.  Because we need time to get the kits in, you need to order or let me know 12 days before the class.  
Stamp of the Month Project
Make these little 3x3 cards and Mini Pizza Box to hold them for a $15 order before shipping and tax.  This can be on any time my schedule says, "Card Buffet" in the schedule below.  
Card Buffet for Autumn cards in September.
 Here's how it works:  I will have a basket for each card you see here with several of the same card in the basket.  You pick a basket and make as many of that card as you wish.  Cost is $2 per card.  For every friend you bring, the price of your cards goes down $.25.  So pick a date, bring a friend or two plus your adhesive and let's have a wonderful evening together.  Check my schedule and let me know you plan on coming.  We are preparing for a move so I need to know you are coming in case I need to change location.

September Schedule
Tuesday, September 6th  Card Buffet Only at my home in Parachute,  6:30 - 8:30 PM.
Thursday, September 8th  Card Buffet Only at my home in Parachute, 6:30 - 8:30 PM
Saturday, September 10th  Downline Day for Heart Artist Team in Grand Junction.  Begins at 9:00 AM
Monday, September 12,  Jeepers Creepers Scrapbook Class,  6:30 PM.  Order kit Sept 1st
Tuesday, September 13th  Card Buffet Only at my home in Parachute  6:30- 8:30 PM
Wednesday, September 14th  Jeepers Creepers Scrapbook Class  6:30 at my home in Parachute.  Order kit by September 3rd.
Monday, September 19th  Card Buffet Only at my home in Parachute  6:30 - 8:30 PM
Tuesday, September 20th,  Jeepers Creepers Scrapbook Class 6:30 PM at my home in Parachute..  Order kit by September 8th.  
Wednesday, September 21st,  Card Buffet Only at my home in Parachute, 6:30-8:30 PM    

Thursday, August 4, 2016

August Heart Art Classes and Schedule

Magical for August
While the Magical papers are just perfect for your Disney trip, they are also quite suitable for many other pictures.  Come to my Heart Art Class and make all four layouts for $30.  If you wish to make the cards, the card bases and envelopes will be an extra $3.00 for the nine cards.  Remember this cost means I have everything cut and bagged for you.  You just bring your scissors and adhesive!  Here are the layouts:

 Here are the cards you can either make along with your pages or just make the nine cards for $12.  To do just the cards, please ask for the Cardmaker Supreme class.
Heart Art Schedule for August
Thursday, August 4, Clifton Group  4-8 at our usual location.  
Saturday, August 13th  Downline Day in Grand Junction.  For Heart Artist team members.  Starts at 9 AM and usually goes until 3 PM.  Great Fun!  
Tuesday, August 16th Heart Art Class at my home in Parachute.
6:30 PM  I have three more kits I can prepare for this class.  Let me know if you want to come by call or email.

I may be adding more classes for the month.  We have to make a trip to OK to look at houses to move to since we are selling our home.  Look for updates or email me if you need an alternate date.

Make this month MAGICAL!!   Pam   

Monday, July 11, 2016

July Heart Art Projects

Calypso for July
Create four two-page layouts from the delightful
Calypso Workshop Your Way G1109 for $26.95.
Order through my website at the shopping cart to the right.

 The WYW has the materials to make the cards.  I furnish the stamps and inks so the only charge if you purchase the kit is $3 for the card bases and envelopes.  If you have your own
 bases and envelopes,
 you are good to go!
 If you just want to make these nine cards, ask for the
Cardmaker Supreme class.  The cost is $12 and all materials 
are furnished by me..

Heart Art Class Schedule for July
To make pages, order Calypso Workshop Your Way through my website above (shopping cart).  The # is G1109.  Then contact me with which session you want to attend.
Monday, July 18th 1:00 and 6:30 in Parachute.  Contact me for location.
Saturday, July 23rd  1:00 in Parachute.  Contact me for location.
Monday, July 25 1:00 and 6:30 in Parachute.  Contact me for location.
Saturday, July 30 9:30 AM in Parachute.  Contact me for location.