Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Joy of Being a Consultant

Sixteen  years ago after a very stressful 3 1/2 months where I had two children get married and both of my parents died, I discovered CTMH (DOTS then).   I realized that creating beautiful
things with paper did something wonderful for my drooping spirit.  It was a way for me to "do art" easily with  stamps.  Beyond that, when I gave away a hand-stamped card it made me feel better as I brightened someone's day.
Fifteen years ago this June I became a consultant and started on an adventure that continues to bless my life.  I have great friends who enjoy being creative in this way.  And I had a life-long dream fulfilled when I stood in the Sistine Chapel to see Michaelangelo's wondrous work as part of the Western Mediterranean Cruise with Close To My Heart.
This month you can start on your own great adventure as a consultant.  We are offering a FREE Cricut Collection  $99 value)with the purchase of your consultant kit.  The kit ($99 plus shipping and tax) has over $300 of products and business helps to help you start with success.  Plus when you have $1200 in sales your first 90 days, you will earn the $99 price of kit to be returned to you in cash!
As your upline I can provide ideas and encouragement to support you.  My goal is that my team members know success at the level they wish.  Please email me at pajarrett@comcast.net if you have more questions.  I would love to hear from you! 
(To see the Cricut Collections go to my website at pamsheartart.ctmh.com and look under Products on the ribbon at the top.  Cricut Collections is the last thing listed in the drop down menu.  Open that and you will find the information there.  Each cartridge has 700 images and the collection includes three coordinating stamp sets and three dimensional elements sheets also coordinated with the cartridge images.)