Saturday, April 13, 2013

Preserving Newspaper Clippings, Old Pictures, and Formerly Created Layouts
with Studio J

I found some old newspaper clippings from 1966 that I wanted to put in my personal scrapbook.
An idea struck and I am so happy with the results.  I mounted the clippings on black cardstock and Jean's Printing in Rifle scanned them as jpgs to my flashdrive.  Here is what the scans look like:

The next step was to go to my my online business address
and select Studio J from the ribbon at the top .
I created a new project and selected the LaBelle la Vie papers and the "No Limits" layout design.
I dropped each jpg in one side of the page and them decorated and embellished adding journaling.
Here was the result!
I LOVE IT!!!!!  Let me show you how to do this!  We can even work over the phone if you are long-distance.   These are now perfectly preserved on 12 x 12 pages with the highest quality photo printing which will last 100 years.   The cost is so reasonable at $6.95 for two pages.  
You can even have your formerly created scrapbook pages scanned and insert them in No Limits.
That is what I did for this one.
And one last example:  I had placed some paper called Notebook on these pages and added my school pictures--nothing else.  I had those pages scanned, dropped them into No Limits and selected Notebook as my papers in Studio J.  I was then able to add my tags for the years and the journaling.  SO EASY!!

I would love to share the satisfaction of preserving your memories with Studio J.  Let me show you how!