Sunday, March 1, 2015

An Opportunity Like No Other

At Close To My Heart we talk about our "why" for becoming a consultant.
Here's mine:  In 1997 during a 3 1/2 month period, I had two children get
married over 1100 miles away and both of my parents died.  If you check 
the "high stress events" you will find those things included.  That period of
time left me feeling emotionally bankrupt I guess you could say.
The Spring after this happened, I was invited to a stamping party.
I had always loved art and the way I could create beautiful artwork with stamps
intrigued me.  After another year of working through things, I signed up to be 
a consultant.  That was 15 1/2 years ago.  I still love the creative process and 
making pretty things to give away or scrapbook pages to hold special memories.
With Close To My Heart, Ron and I have traveled places we never would have.
Some were conventions:  Long Beach, CA, Portland, OR, Washington DC, Orlando, Florida.
The most exciting trip was a Mediterranean cruise where we visited, Barcelona, Spain,
Pompeii,  Rome, Pisa and Monte Carlo.  My lifelong dream of seeing the
Sistine Chapel and Michaelangelo's  magnificent art was realized on this trip.

I receive so much joy from sharing projects to make with people and have made
many friends along the way.  Now that I am retired, CTMH provides something I can
offer and it keeps my brain humming.  Ha!

So here's the deal:  In March you can sign up to be a consultant and receive the shoulder tote
pictured here FREE.  (It is a $26.95 value.  I have one and love mine!  Note the bling!)
These are WHILE SUPPLIES LAST, just so you know.
 But that's not all!  If you have $300 in sales your first 40 days, you will get the rolling tote 
(little circle picture)  FREE too!  It's a honey!
You may pick between a cardmaker starter kit 

or a scrapbooking starter kit for only $99.

Each kit has over $300 of product and supplies in it--a value for sure.
If you join my team, the Heart Artists, I can support you with cutting guides and 
instructions for the projects I do.  No need to live in my area.  In fact, I didn't meet
my upline until I had been a consultant for a year and it worked just fine.
If you have questions, please email me at  I would be
happy to respond as my upline did for me.  It is a decision I have never regretted.

From your Heart Artist,
Pam Jarrett